Alumni Meet 2018-19

Report on Alumni Meet 2019

A 2nd alumni meet plus 4th convocation ceremony was held on Wednesday 27 Feb 2019 in the seminar hall of college along with all departments where inauguration program was made with following mention guests and thereafter again department wise meeting of alumni of different departments is held in the respective department after lunch.

  • Guest for the meet was Dr. S.B. Nimase (chief guest), Hon. N.B. Zaware President of AJMVPS’s and Hon. G.D. Khandeshe Secretary of AJMVPS’s.
  • Out of 170 enrolled students of the institute for meet 113 students has been attended the meet.
  • After registration inauguration of all the alumni was held at seminar hall and all guest has enlighten the audience with their speech.
  • After some convocation certificate distribution all alumni has taken lunch and then further all the alumni was gathered to the respective department.

Overall points discussed in alumni meet 2019 for all departments are as follows:

  • Alumni have guided to the existing students regarding industrial environment and other industry related information is discussed.
  • Sharing of the memories of alumni.
  • Suggestion from alumni for better job to our students.
  • Helping for arranging industrial visits and placement by alumni.
  • Some of alumni who were taking higher education and competitive examination had guided regarding the same.
  • Some alumni suggested for improving speed of internet for our students.