Best Practice - I : Jai Jijau Abhiyan

Objective of the Practices

To raise the degree of autonomy and self-determination education of girl students is one of the key factors which empowers and represent their interest. Education enables them to access available resources and opportunities without hindrance and limitations which raises professional and socio-economic status. This ‘Abhiyan’ initiates various programs to empower girls with objectives like -
  • Right to quality education.
  • Capability enhancement to face challenges.
  • Empowering to make independent decisions.

The Context

One of the missions of the institute is to empower through quality education to attain sustainable socioeconomic development. The institution caters more than 40% of girl students from a rural and agricultural background. Due to lack of support mechanism girls are deprived especially from technical education. To raise self-confidence, personality and health awareness the institution provides all-round platforms to inculcate entrepreneurial, leadership, managerial and multi-disciplinary skills to enrich technical proficiency through competitions.

Practices :

An educated woman is the foundation of a strong society, thus institution initiates various activities through expert talks, sessions, camps to achieve technical and self-development of girls.

Evidence of Success :

  • Maximum girls top every year in the final result.
  • 80% of the girl students are employed among which 10 girls are placed at government sections.
  • Girls have registered their projects for a patent.
  • Maximum girls have participated confidently in various college and intercollegiate competitions like Smart India Hackathon, International Agriculture Fair, paper presentation, workshop and conference and also won many prizes.
  • Some of the girl students also involved in sports and played up to zonal level sports competition

Problem Encountered and Resources Required :

Most of the girl students are from rural areas so they hesitate to discuss problems like sexual harassment, physical problems and crisis due to introvert nature. The institution organizes expert sessions from all sections of society and Industry to boost their self-confidence, to address health issues, personality development, yoga, and meditation.