Best Practice - II : Let us Learn

Objective of the Practices

To follow our vision “empowering the rural youth through excellence in engineering to attained sustainable socio-economic development”, institution aware that economically weaker section living in rural areas is unable to afford even the minimum required fees for engineering course. Hence the institution takes a unique and novel step towards the empowerment of students belonging to poor families.
  • To provide them financial help through institutional scholarship/grant.
  • To enroll the students to earn and learn scheme as support in financial needs.
  • To encourage them to participate in technical events by providing sponsorship.
  • To respond to the technological needs of society by targeting quality projects.

The Context

Quality education is everyone's fundamental right. Due to high fees incurred, technical education becomes out of reach to some sections of the society. The majority of the students in the institutions are from in and around of Ahmednagar district which is a drought-prone area. Most of the students belong to agricultural families where the source of income is dependent on nature. Hence in adverse natural conditions, the students have to take a break in education to support the family. Due to meager income sources students have to unwillingly unable to participate in various technical events. The institute avails a scholarship to the students and financial assistance to students to enable them to participate in the technical events.

Practices :

In the institution, around 75% of students avail of government scholarships to support education. From the remaining 25% of students, some of the students are not having the support of any scholarship. Hence such financially weaker section students apply to the Principal for the scholarship under this scheme. Such applications are forwarded to the institute which makes recommendations about scholarships. According to the student’s financial needs and academic performance governing body of the institute approves a certain percentage of scholarship. This will help to sustain interest and promote the growth of students by providing the opportunity to pursue quality technical education
  • College provides technical as well as financial support in terms of a registration fee, T.A., D.A. to the students who are caliber to present college at state, national and international levels in various technical and non-technical competitions. 
  • The institution emphasizes on providing sponsorship to the application based projects for improving technical skills and nurturing the entrepreneurship spirit among them. 
  • The university has an Earn and Learn scheme for needy students. The institution has its share exceeds the stipulated limits set by the university. As a result of this maximum students can avail of the scheme to fulfill their academic needs.
  • Dr. Abhay Khandeshe donated Rs. 1 lakh as a scholarship. The annual interest incurred is awarded to the meritorious students from the weaker section.
  • All the needy students are allowed to pay fees in installment.

Evidence of Success :

  • The students have successfully completed graduation and get employment in renowned companies or get self-employed. 
  • Students have worked on innovative projects funded by the college and successfully implemented in various areas such as agriculture field – tractor attachment to harvest onions, solar vehicle, drip irrigation by using a sensor, and perforated I section beams. These innovative projects are appreciated and rewarded nationally and internationally and students have filed patents.

Problem Encountered and Resources Required :

Technical education to every deserving student helps to uplift his/her socio-economic status. To upskill technical knowledge maximum students must have to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The institute provides scholarships to the students and also funding to the projects, competitions and traveling allowance to facilitate participation.