Departmental Summary

Purpose :

These activities include music, art or drama, cultural activities, and extension activities to orient the students thinking about gender equity, environment, cleanliness, community service etc. These activities are generally voluntary. Extra-curricular activities render the students a sense of togetherness, attitude towards the community and meaningful living leading to inculcation of professional and moral values.

Mechanical Engineering :

It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the AJMVPS, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj COE. Mechanical Engineering has been traditionally thought as discipline, applying principles of basic sciences in manufacturing, transfer & flow of energy & design. Today, Mechanical Engineering has evolved and seen almost in all the technical advancements around. The Mechanical Engineers of today are multidisciplinary, with knowledge from other branches of engineering.

E & TC Engineering :

E&TC Graduates find wide opportunities in today’s growing communications era. Our mission is to provide world class research facilities & global knowledge in synchronization with the latest as well as future trends for nurturing highly professionals engineers with strong technical skills and imparting an all winning and leading attitude, And vision of our department is improving students to be professionally competent & social responsible to be leaders of tomorrow to help guide our nation towards prosperity & techno economic development.

Civil Engineering :

Civil Engineering synthesizes diverse disciplines in order to survey, monitor, understand, design, develop, maintain, and manage natural and built environments, and plays a vital role in supporting people's daily lives and developing sustainability in social-ecological-systems.

Engineering  Science:

Welcome to the Department of Engineering Science. The process of learning is extremely important in life. What you learn, how you learn and where you learn play a crucial role in developing one’s intellectual capability, besides career. Hence on behalf of Department of Engineering Science, I welcome all you to AJMVPS, SCSMCOE, Nepti, Ahmednagar. The excellent infrastructure, teaching of the best kind ensuring quality education such as interaction among students, parents, and staff, along with a Training and Placement Cell ensures a bright future to its students.