Computer Engineering

Computer has revolutionized not only the fields of data processing & storage, but also the process of communication, manufacturing & transportation, thereby improving our quality of life. Over the past decade, India has emerged as a global hub of computer/ IT Industries. Observing the increasing growth & vast potential of IT field, the Government is promoting to raise their contribution in this Industry. The computer Engineering is the fusion of Computer Science, Electronics & Electrical Engineering.

The future of computing & IT systems begin here. The department’s mission is to advance, evolve & enhance computer science & computing engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of research & students. The Computer Engineering Department endeavors to be an important regional, national, & international resource centre for the development of computing, IT systems & applications. This is a period of exciting growth & opportunity, propelled by the top ranking it achieved recently.

Academic Undergraduate

The B.E. in Computer Engineering is a broad & flexible programme with the curriculum specifically designed to reflect the depth & breadth of computer science. The main focus of Computer Engineering course is development of specialized skills in designing & analyzing software systems, algorithm & hardware systems. The course will teach to plan, investigate, design, analysis & implementation of hardware & software system. This course is having strong balance on development of theoretical concepts, practical skills & teamwork.

Cutting-edge laboratories & facilities

The department provides extensive computing resources for research & education. This includes more than 100 high- performance computers with Linux & Windows. Department network communications have a fiber optic 8 Mbps connectivity to the commodity internet via leased line and 10 Mbps VPNoBB under NMICT.


Computer Engineering department effectively prepares students to pursue leadership, technical & management positions in a variety of industries. Students can obtain successful placements at leading companies like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS etc. Students can pursue their higher studies in prestigious institutions abroad as well as in India

Staff Profile

Sr No. Name of Staff Qualification Experience Email-ID
1 Prof. Lagad J.U. M.E. Computer Engg 9 years
2 Prof. Tambe R. S. M.E. Computer Engg 7 years
3 Prof. Agale D. B. M.E. Computer Engg 3.5 years
4 Prof. Pawar S. R. M.E. Computer Engg 4.5 years
5 Prof. Aher S. M. M.E. Computer Engg 6 years
6 Prof. Darekar S. A. M.E. Computer Engg 3 years
7 Prof. Bangar P. H. M.E. Computer Engg 6 years
8 Prof. Phalke A. S. M.E. Computer Network 3 years
9 Prof. Avhad P. S. M. Tech Software Engg 6 years
10 Prof. Kale N. A. M.E. Computer Engg 3 years