Mechanical Engineering


According to Oxford dictionary, a Mechanical Engineer is a discipline having a blend of mathematics & Science with experience & judgment for production of useful serviceable goods with economy of material. Mechanical engineers require a solid understanding of key concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, energy & manufacturing. They use these Principles in the design & analysis of automobiles, aircraft, heating & cooling systems, buildings & bridges, industrial equipment & machinery & machinery & many more.

Academics Undergraduate

The B.E. in Mechanical Engineering is a comprehensive degree programme. The goal of the curriculum is to create a flexible undergraduate educational experience in design, mathematics, modeling, computing, management, engineering science, humanities, social sciences & fine arts. Principal study topics include fluid mechanics, thermodynamics & heart transfer, solid mechanics, materials engineering, manufacturing, energy systems, dynamics & control, Computer Aided Design(CAD). Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM) & others.

Cutting-edge laboratories & facilities

Department of Mechanical Engineering has

Basic Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Enginerring Graphics lab Drawing Hall


The department has a modern workshop equipped with the latest machinery in fitting, Machine shop & facility of welding shop. The department has a well developed workshop for the students of all branches. It includes various shops like Machine shop. Welding shop, Sheet Metal shop, Carpentry shop & smithy shop. The machine shop has various machines like Lathe, Milling, Shaper, Planner, Drilling Power-Hexa, Grinding etc.

Students have access to

Mechanical modeling software – AutoCAD, Catia.


Mechanical Engineer is a self employed engineer as a consultant or entrepreneur. The programme enables the students to take up careers in a broad spectrum of industries. Many of the IT industries too have CAD/CAM divisions, which increases the job potential of mechanical engineers with increase in demand for automotive experts in the domestic & international markets, graduates of mechanical engineering have a bright future ahead.

Faculty Profile:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Experience Designation Qualification Workshop/Conferences Attended
01 Mahesh Purshottam Nagarkar 18 years HoD and Asso. Prof. ME (Design)


·STTP on “Intelligent control using NN” at IIT Kanpur
·FDP on “Advanced Engineering Optimization Through Intelligent Techniques” held at SVNIT
·STTP on “Tribo centered Maintenance” at NIT Hamirpur.
02 Rajale Ranjit Vasant 05 Asst. Prof. ME (Design) ·Optimization techniques for Engineering
·MATLAB and Optimization
·Eyantra VIT Pune
03 Desale Digambar Dnyandeo 05 Asst. Prof. ME (Design) ·Optimization techniques for Engineering held at Indapur
·Advancements in Tribology, IIM Pune Chapter
·Eyantra VIT Pune
04 Kale Aditya Balkrushna 04 Asst. Prof. ME (Automotive) ·ISRO- FEST
·Vertual lab
05 ChavanYogesh Suresh 03 Asst. Prof. M-Tech Production ·RTME
06 Gandal Ganesh Bajirao 05 Asst. Prof. ME (Design Appear) ·Subject advancements and learning accomplishment workshop
·Avishkar orientation
07 Tarde Abhimanu Indrabhan 01 Asst. Prof. ME (Design Appear) ·Workshop on DOE, Bio-diesel, Robotics
08 Munfan Prashant Sarjerao 03 Asst. Prof. ME (Design) ·NCADTE
09 Walunj Pratibha Radhakishna 01 Asst. Prof. ME (Heat Power) ·ICRTPCS
10 Pawar Harshad Bhagwat 05 Asst. Prof. ME (Design) ·EMVN
11 Pathan Farhan Ayyub 06 Asst. Prof. ME (Design) ·NCADTE