The institute has Well Furnished and Ventilated Hostel for Boys As well as for Girls.
About Host - The institute has two well furnished and ventilated girls hostel(Hostel A and Hostel B) with total capacity of 585 students.
1. 24 x 7 warm and cold water supply.
2. 24 x 7 purified drinking water.
3. 24 x 7 electricity Supply.
4. . Lady Warden in hostel to take care of students and maintain discipline.
5. 24x 7 Ambulance.
6. Admission to hostel will be valid till end of the current academic year.
7. Rector will allot the rooms after confirmation of admission to hostel. Students are not allowed to change the rooms only with the written permission of the rector.
8. Fees ones paid will not be refundable except under special circumstances.
9. Students are not permitted to stay away from the hostel during night without permission of the rector.
10. Students should follow hostel time strictly
11. Other than student admitted to hostel, no one is permitted to stay in the hostel.
Girls Hostel
Boys Hostel
Institutes Combine Boys Hostel
24x7 Purified Water in Campus


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