Internal Complaint Committee

As per the guidelines of Supreme Court, UGC, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013, an Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been established by the College for a period of three years (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19) as follows:

Name Designation Role
Dr. (Smt) M. K. Bhosale Asst. Professor Presiding Officer (Chairperson)
Adv. Nirmala Chaudhari NGO Member
Smt. S. P. Suroshi Faculty Representative Member
Smt. J. U. Lagad Faculty Representative Member
Mr. N. M. Budhwant Non-Teaching Representative Member
Mr. Y. H. Holkar Non-Teaching Representative Member
Palekar Ketaki (Comp) Girl Student Representative Member
Shaikh Rozmin (Civil) Student Representative Member
Shirwale Amruta (Mech) Student Representative Member

Role and Responsibilities of the Committee members:

The Sexual Harassment includes any unwelcome sexually inclined behavior, whether directly or indirectly, such as Physical contact and advances, Demand or request for sexual favors, Sexually colored remarks, Showing pornography and any other non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

  • To consider the welfare women teaching and non-Teaching faculty and girls students.
  • To handle the issues related with sexual harassment women faculty and students.
  • To provide information regarding counselling and support services on our campus.
  • To take proactive measures towards sensitization of the faculty and students on gender issues.
  • Committee will take all necessary steps to assist the affected person in terms of support and preventive action.
  • Committee shall comply with the procedure prescribed in the afore mentioned UGC Regulations and the Sexual Harassment Act for inquiring into the compliant in a time bound manner.
  • If the allegations against the respondent have been proved, it shall recommend punitive actions to be taken against the respondent to the management.