Central Library

Integrated Library Management System is used to manage different functions of library. Institute central library is using E: Vidya Library Management Software for automation of library services. Software is used to search a particular book in the library which shows entries of books as well as number of copies available in the library. Library collection can be browsed / searched on OPAC module. One separate node is made available in the central library for OPAC facility user can search the library collection, search by giving Title, Author, Publisher, Classification number, ISBN number, Key word, etc. All the books are bar-coded and the bar-code laser scanner is used at circulation counter for transaction of books. This software has modules like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, and Serial Control. Acquisition module is utilized for generating accession register reports. Circulation module has books issue/ return, and reserve option.  Various reports such as loan borrower day wise issued/returned books, late return books, dues, transactions can be generated in this module. Similarly, barcodes are also generated through this module making library work simpler, effective and time saving.

A well-equipped Digital Library with 10 nodes (N-Computing) having internet connectivity is housed in the central library for access to e-resources. As the access facility to e-journals is multi-user and IP address based, students can access the e-resources from anywhere in the campus. Digital library collection, rare books, open sources books, previous year question papers, syllabus, college news are made available for students and faculty through open source software Calibre.