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Sr.No.Application NumberTitleInventorPatent File DateRemark
122887A Tractor Attachable equipment for Harvesting of OnionsDr. M. P. Nagarkar Dr. R. S. Deshpande Mr. H. B. Pawar
Mr. A. I. Tarde
2311580Castellated BeamMr. A. S. Shaikh31/10/2018Awarded
3304777 Support Assembly for Beam Testing Mr. A. S. Shaikh31/10/2018Awarded
4310949Castellated Beam 1Mr. A.S. Shaikh13/10/2018Awarded
5310961Castellated Beam 2Mr. A.S. Shaikh13/10/2018Awarded
6311579Coupling of reinforced Bar 1Mr. A.S. Shaikh13/10/2018Filed
7311578Coupling of reinforced Bar 2Mr. A.S. Shaikh13/10/2018Filed