Teaching Learning Facilities

Student’s 360 degree Development institute takes exertions by Mentor – Mentee, continuous monitoring, assessment and evaluation of students. The academic evolvement of the students is constantly monitored by subject teachers, mentors and HoDs. College organizes various events, guest lecture, Industrial visit, work shop, Technical events, Project Competition and Paper Presentation Competition for academic development of students. Faculty focus on knowledge based education and learning through student’s active participation and involvement. Modern teaching and learning methodologies are used to motivate students to learn for higher retention of knowledge through better understanding, for increased depth and positive attitude towards subjects taught like active learning, collaborative learning and inquiry based learning, cooperative learning, problem based earning, Peer team learning, Experimental Learning, Project based learning, and self-learning. 

A faculty innovation in teaching learning process makes it more attractive to students. Teachers are realizing changes and innovates various tools and techniques in teaching-learning process to deliver the knowledge so that students actively participate in it and grasp the ideas quickly. Faculty use various tools and techniques to make teaching more innovative like ICT based teaching learning, digital social learning like what’s up, Google group, NPTEL lecture, self-made notes and power point presentation. 

To build gap between industry and education system academic college not only arrange maximum industrial visit but also faculty attended industrial faculty development program. Faculty motivates students for internship as well as sponsored project. For 360 degree development faculty check overall performance and skill by checking teaching learning outcomes.