Applies Sciences is base of all engineering field. Also the basic knowledge is needed for research activities in all branches. Therefore to expertise the engineering students to perform all activities successfully in any engineering field



To achieve the vision, the department will :
•Arrange guest lectures of experts
•To visit various science institutes like IIT’s and research Institutes etc.,
•To prepare student various competitions
•To demonstrate various phenomenon
•To arrange the group discussion, tutorials, seminar, tests etc.



•Upgrade college students' academic level and quality.
•Inculcate expertise in the students in the field of basic sciences, technology.
•Increasing student’s mathematical skills, which help them to be competent in the field of Engineering
•To provide a platform to the undergraduates for exploring and inventing new possibilities in the field of Engineering.

Introduction of Engineering Sciences Department

Applied Science Department is a part of engineering curriculum and its courses are compulsory subjects for all the streams in first year. It aims to advance knowledge through revising and learning basics and application of the already gained knowledge to solve the practical problems and engineering skills to add fundamental scientific investigations. The applied Sciences department consists of following three sub-departments :

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics Department has a focus on increasing student’s mathematical skills, which helps them to be competent enough in the field of Engineering. The faculty members of the department are extremely well qualified and motive the student work in real life problem. To achieve this mission, the department constantly works in interdisciplinary areas of science, engineering and technology.

Engineering Chemistry

The Department is always to provide a platform to the undergraduates for exploring and inventing new possibilities in the field of engineering. The faculty mentor the new coming first year engineering student.

Engineering Physics

The physics is the basic of all engineering stream. The faculty gives the knowledge of fundamentals and applied physics. Department always motivate the student to discover their talent in practical physics.


The applied sciences department always arrange a different programs like induction program , field visit , expert lectures on yoga and meditation , Skill development programs which explores various hidden qualities of students and prepare them to face various real life problems.

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