Academic Development Committee



In order to maintain discipline in the institute a Discipline Committee is formed. The members of Discipline Committee are as follows :


01. Dr. Y. R. Kharde (Principal) Chairperson
02. Smt. S. R. Pawar (HoD, AIDS) Member
03. Mr. P.G. Nikam (IQAC Co-ordinator & HoD, Civil Department) Member
04. Smt. V. V. Jagtap (HoD, Computer Department) Member
05. Smt. S. M. Walke (HoD, E&TC Department) Member
06. Mr. A. B. Kale(HoD, Mechanical Department) Member
07. Dr. (Smt.) M. K. Bhosale (HoD, Engineering Sciences) Member
08. Er. S. P. Suroshi (Librarian) Member
09. Mr. A. M. Handal (Physical Director) Member
10. Mr. N. M. Budhwant (Office Superintendant) Member
11. Mr. Bhushan Pagar (Mechanical Department) Alumni
12. Mr. Rohan Sharad Wabale (Computer Department) Student
13. Mr. S. M. Palaskar (Dean, Academics) Member Co-ordinator



1. Review of teaching – learning activities.
2. Tracking the progress of the implementation of the new academic initiatives.
3. Student’s academic progress review and contingency plan to meet the requirements of specified performance.
4. Students attendance monitoring and review and decision regarding the term sanctioning of students.
5. Programs to enhance the faculty competency.
6. Academic Calendar preparation and implementation.