Sr. No.CategoryName of the Member
01. Special Invitee Hon. Shri. R. H. Dare
(President, A.J.M.V.P.S. Ahmednagar)
02. Management Representative Hon. Adv. V. D. Athare
(Joint-Secretary, A.J.M.V.P.S.Ahmednagar)
03. Chairperson Hon. Prin. Dr. Y. R. Kharde
04. Nominee from Employer Hon. Shri. G. D. Khandeshe
(Secretary, A.J.M.V.P.S.)
05. Nominee from Industrialist Mr. Suresh Jadhav
(General Manager, Kinetic Engineering Limited, Ahmednagar)
06. Nominee from Stakeholder Mr. Sharad Kharat






Sr. No.CategoryName of the Member
07. Nominee from Local Society Mr. Arunrao Holkar
08. Nominee from Alumni Mr. Shaikh Sajid
09. Nominee from Student Miss. Sakshi Manoj Bhalgat
10. Teachers Mr. A. B. Kale (Head of Mech Department)
Dr. (Smt.) M. K. Bhosale
(Head of Applied Science Department)
Mr. S. M. Palaskar
(Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering Dept)
Mr. A. M. Handal (Physical Director)
11. Administrative Officers Mr. N. M. Budhwant
12. Co-cordinator Mr. M. D. Mandhre
(Asst. Professor, Mech Engineering Dept)
13. Coordinator Mr. P. G. Nikam (Head of Civil Department)


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