Student Counselling Committee



The students Counseling Committee is being formed at the college level comprising the Heads of all Departments. The Committee have to work as follows:

Role and Responsibilities of the Committee members:

1. To set up professionally staffed confidential Student Counseling Cell to provide assistance to students having personal, emotional, social and academic problems.
2. To ensure that a counselor seeks to help the students to focus on and understand more clearly the issue that concerns him/her, by respecting his/her own values, choices and lifestyles the counselor can work to or changes that are right for himn / her. Sometimes, it is found that this students get depressed because of their failures most of which could be attributed to their lack of confidence and inhabitation.
3. To address specific problem relating to study, often in more structured approach focuses on improving study skills.
4.To implement proper programmes for students guidance and mentioning at the department level. Individual faculty members handling the subject are volunteered to assist students who need extra help to maximize their learning outcomes in the subject being taught.



The members of the committee are as follows:


Sr. No.Name of the MemberDesignationRole
01. Dr Y. R. Kharde Principal Chairperson
02. Smt. S. R. Pawar HoD AIDS Dept. Member
03. Mr. P. G. Nikam HoD Civil Dept. Member
04. Smt. V. V. Jagtap HoD Comp Dept. Member
05. Smt. S. M. Walke HoD E & TC Dept. Member
06. Mr. A. B. Kale HoD Mech Dept. Member
07. Dr. (Smt.) M. K. Bhosale HoD Engg. Sci. Dept. Member
08. Smt. A. K. Khetmalis Asst. Prof. Engg. Sci. Dept. Member Coordinator