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Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III Cell)

Industry Institute Cell (III Cell) is established in the institution for enhancing the relationship between the Institution and Industry. The purpose of this cell is to identify the trends and expectations and prepare students for meeting the latest requirements by facilitating internships in leading architectural firms, Organize Seminars, Workshops, Expert Talks and other Training programmes by experts and practicing architects.


Sr. No.Name of the MemberDesignationRole
01. Dr. Y. R. Kharde Principal Chairperson
02. Smt. S. R. Pawar HoD, AIDS Department Member
03. Mr. P. G. Nikam HoD, Civil Department Member
04. Smt. V. V. Jagtap HoD, Computer Department Member
05. Smt. S. M. Walke TPO & HoD, E&TC Department Member
06. Mr. A. B. Kale HoD, Mechanical Department Member
07. Dr. Smt. M. K. Bhosale HoD, Engineering Science Member
08. Mr. A. S. Kalhapure Asst Professor, Mech Dept Member
09. Smt. P. S. Kohakade Asst Professor, Comp Dept Member
10. Smt. S. S. Pagare Asst Professor, Civil Dept Member
11. Smt. A.R. Mane Asst Professor, E&TC Dept Member Coordinator